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hypnosis and dementia

‘Dr. Nightingale, or Dr. Dan to many who know him, was referred to my father by Dr. Anna Burke at the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center. He has been working with our family in conjunction with Dr. Burke for almost a year. He is a critical part of the treatment team. My father and our whole family have greatly benefitted from Dr. Dan. My father had worked with therapists/psychologist’s in the past but did not have the success that has come through Dr. Dan. His understanding of the cognitive challenges that accompany Parkinson’s, coupled with his sense of humor and family approach have significantly improved my father’s quality of life and happiness – and thus my entire family’s happiness. 

I am forever grateful to Dr. Dan for his incredible commitment and customized approach to each person that he works with. I work in the behavioral health field and can say I have worked with many excellent behavioral health professionals, but I consider him the best. ‘

Ynez Cross, Helping Hearts Residential Facilities.


hypnosis and dementia

‘Dr Nightingale was my mum’s clinical support and helped her, and my family, as we experienced a very tough, challenging journey. He worked in collaboration with our family GP and used his programme to good effect. I am so grateful to him and I talk to everyone about the way he works with his patients. I am so grateful, and thank him from the bottom of my heart.’

Sophie Sophocli, London.
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hypnosis and dementia

‘We have been patients of Dr Dan for well over 18 months. My husband Paul has been very responsive to his program and Dr Dan has been able to engage him in all aspects of it. In addition, he has been able to help me to manage my own carer stress. Dr Dan continues to provide services to us and seeing Paul each week has been critical in ensuring we both maintain optimal health. The holistic approach that makes up this program has been, and continues to be, of huge value.’

Suzanne Monk, Anthem, Arizona