Most frequent questions and answers

The research concluded that improvements to quality of life in 7 key areas were demonstrated. These areas are concentration, relaxation, motivation, activities of daily living, immediate memory, memory for significant events and socialization.

Brain Health Coaching refers to a process whereby we provide exercises and activities to our patients/clients to further enhance the outcomes gained from hypnotherapy.

There are 8 modules which must be completed within 12 months. On completion of all modules, and assignments, Dr Nightingale will meet with each student on a 1:1 via Zoom to moderate your final exam which is a multiple choice question paper. At the end of that there is a structured interview with him to determine your suitability to be certified as a Nightingale Dementia Consultant.

Hypnotherapy is suitable for all people living with early to mid stage dementia – those with child onset, young onset and those who develop it later in life.

All Nightingale Dementia Consultants are invited to attend a monthly Zoom meeting with Dr Nightingale and Board Members at 11 am Arizona time. This is a live meeting where ongoing support, advice and guidance is available. In addition, there is access to Senior Consultants, a Private Facebook Group and a Facebook Live Q and A session with Dr Nightingale.

Marketing advice and support is provided in module 7.

In the UK, £115 – £150. In the US $150. In Canada $200.

There will be on-line CPD events throughout the year.

This is the world’s first, and only, Diploma in this field.