NDC Living with Dementia Deep Relaxation

Attention: For Those Living With Dementia And Their Carers

Dr Dan's Deep Relaxation To Ease Anxiety, Tension, Agitation And To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

‘My patients always talk to me about the challenge of relaxing when living with dementia. My deep relaxation helps both those living with dementia and their carers to relax and feel at ease’
Dr Daniel Nightingale

If you answer ‘yes’ to the following questions then this product is definitely for you


Do you frequently feel stressed and find it hard to relax?


Do you find some days that you feel agitated and anxious?


Are you finding at times that getting a good night’s sleep is challenging?

Dr Dan’s Deep Relaxation for both those living with dementia and their carers, is designed to help you immediately release anxiety and experience a more relaxed state. You will receive a video/audio, a sleep MP3 audio and an online guide to help you implement actions designed to help you sleep well.


Dr Dan’s Living With Dementia Deep Relaxation Video / Audio

The 30 minute video / audio is specifically designed to help you release anxiety and stress so that you begin to feel a more relaxed state, feeling more at ease with yourself and what is happening around you. Dr Dan’s soothing voice will help you to melt into a complete state of calm at the same time giving you a clear mind and reassurance that you can manage stress more effectively.

Dr Dan’s Living With Dementia Deep Sleep Audio

Dr Dan’s Living With Dementia Deep Sleep audio will help you to immediately let go of any unnecessary nervous tension so that you sink into your bed and fall into a deep sleep. The audio has been specifically designed to help you clear your mind of any worries and anxieties that prevent you from sleeping well. The audio may be used each night and will help you to experience a more pleasant, healthier state of deep sleep.


Dr Dan’s Living With Dementia Deep Sleep eGuide

You will receive a toolkit of ideas from Dr Dan to help you get better sleep. These will include actions that you can implement immediately at home. Dr Dan’s guide provides you with a sleep aide memoire, something that you will be able to use now and into the future.

Discover 6 easy strategies that overcome sleep issues that you can immediately use…today.

Read a real-life case study where the client implemented a few changes to her daily routine and within a week vastly improved her sleep pattern.


Dr Dans ‘Vagus Nerve Stimulation Techniques’

As part of this product bundle you will also receive Dr Dans ‘Vagus Nerve Stimulation Techniques’. This is a unique technique that you will be able to use to help enhance your state of deep relaxation and wellbeing. 


here’s everything that’s included…


Normal Price: £57 ($70)
Launch Price: £9 ($11.50)


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