Robyn Etherington

Robyn Etherington

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Robyn Etherington has a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy and has been practicing throughout South East Queensland for many years.

​She is the co-author of 'Dementia Hypnotherapy', which gives people living with early to mid-stage Dementia a tool to improve their state-of-mind or repetitive negative thinking. The book includes instructions on how to conduct Motivational Instruction Sleep Therapy (MIST), a method developed by Inspired Mind Therapy.

At the Australian and Pacific College of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Robyn was trained in a unique style of therapy by Margaret Kelly. This style equips practitioners to be able to tailor hypnotherapy sessions to each individual patient, rather than reading from a generalized script.

Under Joane Goulding from The Goulding Institute, she learnt The Goulding Process, also known as Sleep Talk. This technique teaches parents how to assist your children to develop emotional resilience and/or retain a positive, confident and happy self-image.

Robyn has also been trained in Hypnotherapy for Alzheimer's and Other Dementias by Dr Daniel Nightingale from Nightingale Dementia Specialists.  Outside of Inspired Mind Therapy, she also works with patients with acquired brain injuries.


Wendy McNish

Wendy McNish

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Wendy has been practicing Hypnotherapy since training in the United Kingdom with the UK Hypnosis Academy in 2017. Along with training and now working as a Hypnotherapist since this time, Wendy has gained qualifications in Psy-TaP using Psychosensory techniques and Principles for the alleviation and eradication of symptoms like Trauma & Anxiety, also trained in Kinetic Shift Technique which is a rapid method to resolve issues and developed for Military and Emergency Service Personnel with PTSD and now used for much more.

More recently, Wendy became a Trainer and Assessor for the UK Hypnosis Academy to deliver Rapid Hypnosis Inductions and Kinetic Shift Practitioners Courses in Australia.

Now fully qualified in Dr Daniel Nightingale’s Diploma In Hypnosis and Brain Health Coaching For Dementia, she looks forward to improving the quality of life for those faced with Neuro Cognitive changes and their families.