British Columbia

Nadine Jans

Nadine Jans


Nadine Jans works with people with dementia, their family members and professionals and helps them to significantly reduce stress and frustration so that they can live a meaningful life with calmness and joy.

Nadine developed the Experience-Centered Care with H.E.A.R.T. Methodology ™ and is the founder of Uptimize Coaching, Counselling & Training Ltd.

She is a registered clinical counsellor in BC and a psychologist in the Netherlands and provides coaching, counselling and consultancy, based on the latest neuroscientific insights and best practices. Nadine has 15 years of experience working with older adults with depression, anxiety, dementia, and brain damage, their families, and professionals, in both communities and complex care residences. Nadine has experienced personally how life is profoundly affected when a close family member develops dementia.