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Magdalena J. Farysz

Magdalena J. Farysz

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Magdalena J. is originally from Poland, and is currently working in UK and is based in East Riding of Yorkshire.

She is a creator of  S.U.N.S.H.I.N.E. LIFE – a holistic approach to True Person-Centered Care (TPCC)  which includes:

S – spirituality

U - understanding

N – nourishment

S - support

H – humour

I - identity

N – neuroplasticity

E – education


And it is built on principles of respect for individual as well as training for carers and families.

With almost twenty years of experience in “one to one” dementia care, she became an Inspirational Speaker on the subject.

Driven by her heart and passion, Magdalena J. continues to extend her skills in Hypnosis, NLP, Havening, EFT, Neuroplasticity, Life Coaching and Grief Counseling.


phone: +44 75 404 32 448

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Instagram: magdalena_j_

YouTube: Magdalena J. SUNSHINE Life