Laney Coulter

Laney Coulter

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Laney Coulter is a Master Hypnotist, with multiple certifications including as a BWRT Level 2 Advanced Practitioner, Board Certified Hypnotist, Neuro-linguistic practitioner, B.S. in psychology and an M.Ed. in Education.  Her background as a special education administrator, teacher and principal, combined with her passion for helping people, give her a unique perspective as a hypnotherapist.

She combines her experience and intuitive knowledge of human nature to help her clients achieve success through hypnosis.  She creates a comfortable and safe place, where she works with her clients to come up with the best solutions for their life.

Laney has worked in prisons and in the community teaching Alternatives to Violence, communication skills and parenting skills.  She has co-authored a book for new hypnotist and provides training for new hypnotists in Portland Oregon.

Laney works with all age groups in a safe, compassionate, and fun environment.  Her background as a Special Education teacher informs her work with patience, understanding and tenacity.