Dawn Baxter

Dawn Baxter

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Dawn Baxter is a qualified Person-Centred Counsellor in the UK. She has more than 7 years experience supporting both adults and children with poor mental health.

Wanting to continue her professional development, Dawn has gone on to train as a Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach. Recently she has also added other modalities to her toolkit such as IEMT and OldPain2Go.

In April 2019 Dawn's mother was diagnosed with mixed dementia and she wanted to help support her in some way. Dawn researched this area and found Dr Daniel Nightingale and the work he does. She went on to train as an Nightingale Dementia Consultant. This work has enabled Dawn to work with her mother and 'slow down' the impact of the condition and improve her quality of life.

Dawn is very passionate about helping people Iiving with dementia to live well, to thrive and not just survive. Also providing support for the caregivers is a vital part of her work.


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