Faith Marshall

Faith Marshall

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Coach and Certified Professional Hypnotist making a positive difference in how individuals and families respond to and navigate the different forms of Dementia that can affect a loved one.

My career spans over 20 years of corporate work and entrepreneurial endeavors including running a thriving Bookkeeping Consulting  business, operating a 5-stall barn, and leading a janitorial business.

After my mother was diagnosed with Dementia, and later died from Alzheimer's, my world refocused. I developed expertise in dementia and related resources available to families. I published a book, I Miss You Mom, A Daughter's Journey Into Dementia Land, that became an international bestseller.  I founded Awakenings Hypnosis and Coaching, a full-time business that provides education, resources, and support to caregivers and families facing one of the many forms of dementia.

I specialize in meeting patients and families where they are, without judgement, from their initial diagnosis, to resources in managing care, and facing the hard decisions at end-of-life.

Through my services, I bring comfort and peace of mind, and even show families how to allow joy to be present in the journey. I also partner with care centers, physician groups, and corporate organizations to speak at events or launch much-needed support programs.

And Remember ~

When you feel the beat...DANCE!