Beryl Comar

Beryl Comar

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Ex School Principal and University Teacher Trainer, Beryl Comar is an Emotional Intelligence Development Specialist, and our Nightingale Dementia Consultant in Costa Blanca, Spain.
She is certainly an expert in helping clients who are first and second English language speakers, conducting hypnosis and NLP sessions and advanced trainings over internet globally with a wide range of different nationalities.
Beryl worked as a teacher in Tanzania amongst the very poor, then 40 years in Dubai with expatriates and royalty, Olympians and corporates. She even taught NLP programs for Dubai Police. She has been awarded at the highest levels by hypnosis and NLP organizations in both USA and UK where she is regarded a leader in her field and author/trainer of courses in HypnoDontics, HypnoKids, Broken Hearts and Grief, Anxiety and Depression, Pain Management, HypnoFertility, HypnoSexuality, SleepTalk.
Beryl is particularly interested in helping carers with their emotional wellbeing and teaching daily tips and tricks to maintain their sense of personhood, sense of identity and self-esteem.- and turn frowns into smiles.
You will find that working with Beryl is fun. Known for her self-discipline, tenacity & optimism, compassion, creativity & passion, she will never give up on you. For Beryl, there is always a solution - she knows that everyone has potential – they just need someone with a roadmap to show them how to access their hidden strengths, to be motivated to live as well as possible through their unique journey. 
 Author: HypnoDontics

 Consulting Hypnotist & Instructor

 NLP Platinum Master & Instructor 

SleepTalk for Children Trainer

EFT Trainer

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