Cathy Simmons

Cathy Simmons

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With a background in Investment Banking and IT, Cathy made the move to becoming a practicing Cognitive Hypnotherapist in 2007 after qualifying with the Quest Institute; initially specialising in drug use and addiction which was so prevalent in the City of London, where she had worked for many years.

In what seemed a natural progression Cathy shifted her focus to training and supporting therapists and other vision-led professionals to take their businesses to the next level and to break through their blocks to success so that they can make the difference in the world they long for.

Whilst in the background, over the last 7+ years Cathy’s life has been personally impacted by dementia within her own family, and she is only too aware of the toll it can take, not just for the person living with dementia, but for all those around them; their families, carers and loved ones.

Cathy is passionate about giving people the tools to transform their lives, take back control and live their best life, and she is delighted to be able to extend this support to those living with dementia and those caring for them.

Winner of the APCTC ‘Therapist of the Year’ Award in 2015 for her work with addiction, Cathy is also a published author and specialist contributor to the book ‘The Hypnotherapy Handbook’.

Cathy is a qualified hypnotherapy supervisor and has held the positions of Director of Supervision and Director of Ethics for the National Council of Hypnotherapy, and has also been their Specialist Advisor for addictions.


Dawn Baxter

Dawn Baxter

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Dawn Baxter is a qualified Person-Centred Counsellor in the UK. She has more than 7 years experience supporting both adults and children with poor mental health.

Wanting to continue her professional development, Dawn has gone on to train as a Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach. Recently she has also added other modalities to her toolkit such as IEMT and OldPain2Go.

In April 2019 Dawn's mother was diagnosed with mixed dementia and she wanted to help support her in some way. Dawn researched this area and found Dr Daniel Nightingale and the work he does. She went on to train as an Nightingale Dementia Consultant. This work has enabled Dawn to work with her mother and 'slow down' the impact of the condition and improve her quality of life.

Dawn is very passionate about helping people Iiving with dementia to live well, to thrive and not just survive. Also providing support for the caregivers is a vital part of her work.


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Magdalena J. Farysz

Magdalena J. Farysz

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Magdalena J. is originally from Poland, and is currently working in UK and is based in East Riding of Yorkshire.

She is a creator of  S.U.N.S.H.I.N.E. LIFE – a holistic approach to True Person-Centered Care (TPCC)  which includes:

S – spirituality

U - understanding

N – nourishment

S - support

H – humour

I - identity

N – neuroplasticity

E – education


And it is built on principles of respect for individual as well as training for carers and families.

With almost twenty years of experience in “one to one” dementia care, she became an Inspirational Speaker on the subject.

Driven by her heart and passion, Magdalena J. continues to extend her skills in Hypnosis, NLP, Havening, EFT, Neuroplasticity, Life Coaching and Grief Counseling.


phone: +44 75 404 32 448

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me 4 ME project

Dementia – the MAGIC SHIFT

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Instagram: magdalena_j_

YouTube: Magdalena J. SUNSHINE Life

Nigel Szczepaniak

Nigel Szczepaniak

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Nigel qualified as a Hypnotherapist in 2017, finally fulfilling an ambition he has had for most of his adult life.  He chose to specialize in helping people suffering from anxiety and depression.

While working with a depressed client he discovered that one of the contributing factors to her depression was the stress of caring for her elderly father who had been diagnosed with dementia.  Coincidentally, his mother-in-law had received a similar diagnosis and was now living in his home, allowing him to witness the effects of dementia at first hand.

After using his existing skills to support his client in caring for her father he was interested to learn more about working in this area, both with carers and those living with dementia.  As a result, he enrolled in the Nightingale Diploma and is now delighted to be a Nightingale Dementia Consultant.