Brian Balke

Brian Balke

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Brian is a Hypnotherapist trained at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI). In serving the needs of his clients, Brian melds insights from the hard sciences (Ph.D. in Particle Physics, UC Berkeley) and mystical sensitivity guided by heart-felt compassion. He is committed to serving the pioneers learning to live well with cognitive decline, both caregivers and loved ones. Through the Alzheimer’s Association, he is an active caregiver’s support group facilitator. As a public speaker, presentations of interest include “Sleep, Dreams, and Change”, “Life in Harmony” and “Remembering to Remember.” As well as the specialization in Hypnotherapy for Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias, Brian has a Master Certification in Therapeutic Imagery, the culmination of HMI’s client-empowering practices. Other certifications include hypnotherapy for: seniors, caregivers, discomfort management, chronic illness, pre- and post-surgery, trauma, and smoking cessation.


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Phone: 805-775-6716